Rage Cage aka Quarters on Crack

Also affectionately named “Quarters on Crack,” Rage Cage is best played with a large group and a square-ish table. You’ll need two ping pong balls, approximately a lot of beer, and exactly 21 plastic cups. Arrange 19 of the cups in hexagon with sides of length three cups. To make it simple, you want a row of three cups, four cups, five cups, four cups, then three cups. Fill the cups on the outer rim of your hexagon a quarter full of beer, increasing the amount of beer until the cup in the center is full. Give the two extra cups and two Ping-Pong balls to two players opposite of each other. They each attempt to bounce their ball into their cup. If they make it in on the first try, they may give the cup to anyone they like. If they make in afterwards, they pass their cup to the player to their left. When one cup catches up with the other, stack them. The stacked cups go to the next player. The person who “got stacked” takes a beer from the Rage Cage, downs it, and starts bouncing the ball into it. Play the game right, and you should end up with, one leaning tower, one bloated loser (winner), and a few noise complaints.